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Thai Bar-B-Que: From Mild through Spicy (and Everything in Between)

Modest location, great food on MKE’s South Side

Jan. 28, 2015
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Rachel Buth

A familiar fixture in the Silver City neighborhood on Milwaukee’s South Side, Thai Bar-B-Que Restaurant has continued to serve traditional Thai cuisine from its modest location since opening in 2006. Providing a comfortable atmosphere, the restaurant possesses many of the amenities one could require from a Thai BBQ place, including regularly refilled water glasses, a muted television displaying Packer games, a pleasing beer selection, plenty of spice and steaming hotpots. Rather surprisingly, there are only a handful of Thai barbecue entrées and appetizers available, but this limitation is easily compensated by the fact that Thai Bar-B-Que Restaurant serves some of the best Thai food in town.

Generously portioned and appropriately grilled, the Thai BBQ chicken ($6.99), beef ($6.99), pork ($6.99) and pork spare ribs ($8.99) appetizers are all served with the same side of homemade chili sauce. Comparatively lighter starters like fresh spring rolls ($2.99) and chicken satay ($6.99) are available, but the majority of Thai Bar-B-Que’s appetizers are deep fried and may prove too heavy for some diners before enjoying a large bowl of Pho-Thai ($7.99).

Patrons should also consider ordering one of the restaurant’s beautifully assembled salads, which can be enjoyed as either an entrée or a shared side. Filled with bold flavors and interesting textures, Thai Bar-B-Que’s assortment of salads includes Yum Seafood Salad ($9.99), Crystal Noodle Salad ($8.99), Laos Style Papaya Salad ($5.99) and Nam Sod ($7.99). Enthusiastically recommended, the Nam Sod achieves the proper balance of spice and zest, while the Laos Style Papaya Salad is a refreshing potential beginning to any Thai Bar-B-Que meal.

The noodle dishes are also exceptional. The Khao Peak ($7.99), a subtle pairing of homemade flour noodles, and chicken broth and Beef Noodles Soup with beef meatballs ($5.99) are soothing respites from the cold. Dishes like the Tom Yum ($8.99) and Green Curry Noodle ($7.99), which includes a unique green Thai curry sauce, are completely worth the slight runny nose they induce.

Whether it’s Green Curry Noodle, Three Flavored Shrimp ($9.99), or Pad Cashew Nuts ($8.99), patrons can stipulate the spiciness of their meals by utilizing Thai Bar-B-Que’s “Spicy Request Scale.” Consisting of five levels of spiciness, the scale accommodates even the most cautious of diners. For instance, level one is expectedly mild; level three provides a pleasant burn; while level five, based on the experience of enjoying level four, requires a confident diner capable of discreetly sweating among strangers.

Thai Bar-B-Que Restaurant | 3417 W. National Ave. | 414-647-0812


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