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Martin Sexton

Tonight @ Shank Hall - 8 p.m.

Jun. 19, 2008
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Behind Martin Sexton’s puffy, pale countenance there’s an incongruously soulful voice, one that evokes Stevie Wonder’s spirited cheer and Marvin Gaye’s passionate conviction. This limitless voice has opened up doors for Sexton that similar new-folk singer-songwriters never have access to, so Sexton has been able to broaden his style considerably since his 1990 debut, In The Journey, which he recorded in his attic. Like so many nostalgic boomers with a newfound recording budget, Sexton, who plays Shank Hall tonight at 8 p.m., has gravitated toward studio-colored, Beatlesque pop on his recent albums, but his freewheeling performances are more in keeping with the affable, anything-goes hodgepodges popular in the jam scene.


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