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Damage to U.S. Credibility

Minnie Frew, Greendale

Jun. 24, 2008
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The last 7-1/2 years have brought me horror and heartache, as I've seen my country turn from its good principles of humanity, and jeopardize the safety of us all in its escalation of the war mentality. When the Soviet Union fell, the European Union was learning to live together peacefully and we had a chance to work with the world to catch terrorists together and yes, try them in a world court.

The damage to our United States image and credibility has been enormous, but we now have a new chance. What would it say to the world if, on day one, our new president handed a check to the United Nations for the $2.3 billion in arrears that we owe it, by our own mandate? What a signal that we are ready to work for peace, and what a bargain after the $500 billion a year we've been spending on the military industry. That is the president I'd like to follow.

Minnie Frew


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