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Koppa’s Promises a ‘Fulbeli’ at the Deli

Nov. 3, 2015
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Koppa’s is a much-esteemed holdover from Milwaukee’s past as a locally owned neighborhood corner grocery. The old place has changed hands over the years but has retained its character, including the Fulbeli Deli, popular for carryouts but with a few tables and chairs for eating in. 

The menu is as huge as the size of the sandwiches and includes just about anything you would want between sliced bread: ham, turkey, chicken, summer sausage, tuna, corned beef, roast beef, bologna and Wisconsin cheeses galore, often fortified by diced peppers, sliced onions or mounds of sprouts. Vegetarians have several unique options including the Elvis, with fried bananas and peanut butter fit—as the menu insists—for a king. 


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