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John The Savage @ the Cascio Groove Garage

Thursday, July 26, 2008

Jun. 29, 2008
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…Now that’s how you sing amazing grace. Milwaukee’s John the Savage imagine what would happen if Booker T used his MGs for evil instead of good. From the cacophonous percussion to the overzealous trumpet to their howling singer, Michael Skorcz (who channels Tom Waits’ drunken, pirate pastor persona), everything about their ramshackle sound is bold and loud, so the band made a swift impression with their headlining set last night at the Cascio Groove Garage. “Who are these guys?” several passersby asked. “John the Savage,” an audience member responded, inaudible over the racket. “Who?” “JOHN THE SAVAGE.”

“John the Sausage,” the band suggested after their first song, as onlookers congregated around the stage, taking in the spectacle.





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