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Act on Impeachment

Gary Drescher, Milwaukee

Jun. 27, 2008
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Lisa Kaiser's article "Bush's High Crimes and Misdemeanors," June 19, should act as a trumpet call to citizens, especially because Kucinich's articles of impeachment have already been sent to committee where they are expected to die.

And die they will because Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Committee Chair, John Conyers, have indicated that impeachment is "off the table" for the Democratically-controlled House because of the party image they wish to preserve.

The trumpet call is to have citizens inundate representatives (including Pelosi and Conyers) with letters and phone calls indicating that party image must be subordinated to legally challenging violations (violations by the executive branch) of the U.S. Constitution. These challenges are called impeachment. The sanctity of our constitution is at stake.

Kaiser's article also alerted readers to hear an impeachment advocate speak. Unfortunately, only about 100 people attended the speech. The following day, both impeachment and end-the-war proponents held a rally downtown (actually held every 3rd Friday each month). Hundreds of motorists honked their cars' horns in support of either impeaching or ending the war. Where were those people the night before during the speech?

Our horns are not being heard in Washington, D.C. Besides tabeling impeachment, Congress voted the same week to give the president $163 billion to support the war for another year, despite 67% of voters wanting to end support now. So, trumpets are needed because our horns aren't loud enough. After getting out of your tooting cars, sit down at a computer and write letters to Pelosi, Conyers, and your representative. Insist that they defend our constitution, something they all swore to do in an oath they took. If not, maybe the president will take away my right and your right to write letters like this. And Congress might not give a hoot (or a toot)!

Gary Drescher

Milwaukee WI


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