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More Summerfest 10 p.m. Headliners

Keller Williams, Yonder Mountain String Band, O.A.R.

Jul. 1, 2008
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A singer-songwriter turned one-man band/human jukebox to appease for the jam scene, Keller Williams headlines the Miller Lite oasis at 10 p.m. Expect lots of funky guitar riffs and maybe even a cover of a Pink Floyd song or two.

Bluegrass traditionalists might not find much to love, but Yonder Mountain String Band are at the forefront of a movement of young acts whose flashy playing and cocky chord progressions have brought a new, Relix-reading audience to the genre. The group brings their mandolins and banjos to the Briggs &Y Stratton Big Backyard for a 10 p.m. show.

Jammy roots-rockers O.A.R., a perpetual favorite on college campuses and among tape-traders, headline the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse tonight at 10 p.m. The guys distinguish themselves from similar jam bands by throwing in the occasional, straight-forward ska riff.



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