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Summerfest did the right thing

Bill Christofferson, Milwaukee

Jul. 2, 2008
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Summerfest did the right thing Tuesday and asked the Army -- at the urging of Peace Action and others -- to remove a virtual urban warfare game that allowed fest-goers as young as 13 to hop into a Humvee simulator and fire machine guns at life-size people on a computer screen.

Rabid radio talker Charlie Sykes devoted more than half of his morning show railing on Summerfest for asking the Army to shut down a virtual killing game, urging listeners to call those wimpy Summerfest folks and complain.

Actually, Summerfest needs to be thanked and congratulated for doing the right thing. It is never easy to publicly take a stand and reverse an earlier decision -- not to mention facing down the military.

Please take a minute to call Summerfest at 414-273--2680. They need some support.

More here: http://www.uppitywis.org/summerfest-stops-virtual-killing-its-lakefront-festival


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