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How Many of These Temporary Brewers Can You Name?

Sep. 26, 2016
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Torrealba wasn't the only player do to very brief time with the Brewers

The final few weeks of the Major League Baseball season are “cup of coffee” season for many MLB teams, including the Brewers. That’s a phrase frequently used to describe a player making a brief appearance in the major leagues, like many of those spending some time in Milwaukee this September.

Some of those transactions are more memorable than others: Last week, for example, was the anniversary of the Brewers acquiring veteran catcher Yorvit Torrealba from the Blue Jays to serve as an emergency catcher during the stretch run in 2012. Just five of Torrealba’s 907 career MLB games came for Milwaukee.

That got me thinking about some of the other players who have made cameo appearances for the Brewers during careers best remembered for their time elsewhere. A quick glance through historical rosters gave me a list of 20 of them from the last 20 seasons, so it’s time for a Sporcle quiz. If you haven’t done one before, here are some quick tips:

·        You don’t need to type in the player’s full name, just their last name.

·        Each clue corresponds to one specific player. You can use the “prev” or “next” buttons to navigate among clues if you’re stuck.

If this quiz isn't displaying correctly for you here or you'd simply prefer to take it over there, follow this link to take it at Sporcle.com.

If you enjoyed this quiz and you’d like more Brewers-themed Sporcle, I’ve created dozens of them over the years. Enjoy!

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