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Craving a Korean Burger?

Jan. 31, 2017
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A compact Shorewood storefront with counter service and barely space enough for six tables, Crave Café (3592 N. Oakland Ave.) features one of Milwaukee’s most unusual hamburgers. Reflecting the heritage of its owners, the Korean BBQ burger includes cabbage slaw, a dab of spicy mayo, melted American cheese and plenty of kimchi, Korea’s signature dish prepared from fermented vegetables. The handsomely served mouthful offers layers of textured flavor and a gentle, tangy kick. Crave serves eight other burgers, including a Japanese katsu (panko-breaded pork loin), a vegetarian “shroom burger,” a spicy “hamburguesa” with chipotle aioli and jalapeños and, of course, a more standard rendition of America’s favorite food. Round out your order with choice of five varieties of fries (including BBQ and Cajun) or five salads. 


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