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Spicy Sausage (and Sweet Canoli) at Scardina

Jan. 31, 2017
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Windowed cases stocked with Italian and other international sausages occupy the front of Scardina Specialties, 822 E. Chambers St. The shop’s take-out sandwich offerings fill the interior with enticing aromas. Wraps, paninis and other delights make for thrifty handheld entrées with price points all south of $7.50. Scardina’s least expensive main course, a spicy Italian sausage number, is a succulent, hotly spiced link made from a family recipe and nestled in a chewy bun, topped with messy rounds of provolone cheese and marinara sauce. Scardina’s handmade cannolis quell the heat with powdered sugary, crunchy, ricotta cheesy, chocolatey sweetness. Customized sandwiches, including hot giardiniera relish as a veggie condiment, can also be had, along with take-and-bake pizzas. 


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