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Lisa Kaiser to Join Community Advocates

Feb. 28, 2017
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This week, the Shepherd Express bids goodbye to our longtime colleague Lisa Kaiser. As assistant editor since 2005, Kaiser has served as the Shepherd’s primary voice for reporting on state, county and municipal issues. She has consistently represented the paper’s progressive vision of a more just and ethical society, questioning authority when questions needed to be asked and providing fact-based insights in an era when facts have become increasingly irrelevant to powerful elements in our society.

“The Shepherd gave me the opportunity to speak with some of the city’s most interesting people and to tell the stories of those who are working to make Milwaukee a better place,” she says.

Kaiser will begin work this month as communications specialist at Community Advocates, which works to provide support for at-risk individuals and families in the Milwaukee area and to raise awareness of the causes and effects of poverty in our city.


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