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What's Cooking at Thai Kitchen

Mar. 21, 2017
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Located in a narrow building in the shopping area on the corner of Oakland Avenue and Locust Street, Thai Kitchen (2851 N. Oakland Ave.) is a quiet, homey restaurant with a dozen tables.

The food is plentiful, inexpensive and authentic. Service is quick and friendly.

Curries are the house specialty with red the most popular and massaman a close second, my server said, while the hot jungle curry, free of tempering coconut milk, separates the natives from the tourists.

There are seafood and duck entrées, all the expected appetizers and lots of choices for vegetarians. I thoroughly enjoyed a good-sized cup of Tom Kha Gai, very spicy at #2 of four degrees of hotness, a heaping plate of thick veggie Pad See-Ew—like most of the dishes it also comes with chicken, beef or pork—and a pot brimful of creamy, sweet-spicy ginger tea, all for just $14.


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