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Laotian Fare at Vientiane Noodle Shop

Mar. 28, 2017
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On a recent visit to Vientiane Noodle Shop (3422 W. National Ave), the small Silver City restaurant was bustling with customers, but regardless, our Thai iced teas arrived promptly, the Pad Sieew heaped off the plate, and the Khao Piak, a delicious chicken soup made with homemade rice noodles, was improved with the addition of some complimentary bean sprouts and chili sauce.

Serving traditional Laotian and Thai fare, Vientiane’s food is generously portioned and affordably priced. The menu features a reasonable selection of appetizers, pan-fried noodle and rice dishes, such as fresh spring rolls, Mee Krob (crispy yellow noodles topped with stir fry), and Sae Goong (spicy shrimp). Other Laotian dishes include Larp, a traditional Laotian salad, Joom Seen (hot pot) and the Phan Khao Poun Wrap.

Prepared for two or four people, the Joom Seen contains beef, clear noodles, seafood, eggs, green onions, mushrooms and Napa cabbage and is accompanied by beef broth and a side of peanut sauce. The Phan Khao Poun wrap is large enough for two people, requires self-assembly, and features vermicelli noodles, beef, sweet and sour sauce and a platter of vegetables.


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