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Where They Eat: Thomas Hauck

Owner and chef of c. 1880 and Karl Ratzsch

Mar. 28, 2017
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The Roman Candle Pizza

133 E. Silver Spring Drive



Between juggling two popular restaurants and family life, Chef Thomas Hauck of c. 1880 and Karl Ratzsch eeks out time to eat out when he can. “We have two boys under the age of 4 so dinner out doesn’t really happen. If by some miracle we are all together we all go to the Roman Candle. Pizza, beer and a rocket ship equals a win.” And for those rare date nights with his wife, Sara, they hit up “Goodkind, Iron Grate, DanDan or Ardent. They are all good friends and we are happy to support them. Whatever we eat at any of the restaurants we know is going to be good.”


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