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Sheriff Clarke's Fear of Snowflakes

Apr. 18, 2017
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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

When Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke threatened to personally eliminate a citizen who looked at him wrong on an airplane, he used a bizarre slur. He called the guy “snowflake.”

There’s actually a very good reason you might not know the term. That means you never visit racist white supremacist websites. Those disgusting sites have created a brand-new vocabulary of hate for anyone who opposes their vile philosophy. Besides “snowflake,” other commonly used white supremacist epithets include “libtard” and “cuck.” I’ll try to explain them. No one else should ever have to visit the deepest cesspools of the dark web to learn them.

Which raises the question why a prominent African American sheriff would be fluent in insults used by bigots who dream of establishing a “whites-only” state where they won’t be required by law to treat non-whites as human beings. You know, like the good old days.

But, of course, those same white bigots cheer Clarke’s inflammatory attacks on blacks on Fox News, more than double his taxpayer salary with speaking engagements to right-wing fringe groups and are raising funds to draft Clarke to run against Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin as “the black Rush Limbaugh with a badge.”

The fundraising effort, run by some pretty sketchy characters, may very well be a financial scam. But that’s always been the suspicion about Clarke’s personally lucrative political career.

Unfit for Office

Bullying a citizen was fairly minor among the offenses that make Clarke unfit for public office. Far more serious were four unexplained deaths in his jail last year. A mentally troubled inmate died of severe dehydration pleading for a drink after his cell’s water was shut off as punishment. A baby died sometime during the six hours the mother giving birth was ignored by staff.

But Clarke’s reaction after an innocuous airplane encounter showed his sheer contempt for the public. It would be difficult to imagine any milder slight of Clarke than occurred when Dan Black boarded a flight from Dallas to Milwaukee in January the day the Green Bay Packers played the Dallas Cowboys.

Black was surprised to see Clarke dressed garishly, and not in Clarke’s usual garish dress as a Wild West gunslinger. Clarke, whose uncle Franklin Clarke was a wide receiver for the Cowboys in the 1960s, was wearing Cowboys team garb.

Baffled by Clarke’s odd Wisconsin fashion choice, Black asked if he was the sheriff. Clarke said he was and belligerently inquired whether Black had a problem with that. Black simply shook his head and continued to his seat.

Clarke Frightened by Headshake

That was enough to get Black detained by six uniformed deputies along with Clarke when Black landed in Milwaukee. He was interrogated for about 15 minutes and then escorted from the airport by deputies. Black has since filed a lawsuit charging he was illegally detained.

Attacking Black later for complaining, swaggering tough guy Clarke sounded like a child in the streets frightened by the “mean mugging” of Black’s terrifying headshake. “The Sheriff does not have to wait for some goof to assault him,” Clarke posted on Facebook. “He reserves the reasonable right to pre-empt a possible assault… Cheer up, Snowflake. If Sheriff Clarke were to really harass you, you wouldn’t be around to whine about it.”

Many serious questions arise when a sheriff threatens to exterminate a citizen. I was curious about a minor one. When did “snowflake,” every one of which is supposed to be unique, become a dirty word? That’s when I discovered so-called “alt-right” websites have their own unique vocabulary. (Their first totally made-up word was “alt-right,” a sanitized description also adopted by the media to avoid more accurately describing Trump supporters as racists and bigots.)

Those sites use “snowflake” as a somewhat effeminate term for fragile, precious LGBT folks or anyone else not nearly as tough as the sort of manly real men who wear cowboy hats and boots or possibly Cowboys jerseys.

If that sounds like a rather juvenile idea of manhood, you’re onto something. Another popular insult is “libtard,” combining “liberal” and “retard.” Decent people teach their children not to use the term “retard,” but these really aren’t decent people.

Another strange new epithet is “cuck,” specifically aimed at wimpy conservatives who aren’t man enough to promote out-and-out race hatred and white supremacy. The long form is “cuckservative.” The stem is a really archaic term “cuckold,” describing a weak, pathetic male whose wife is having an affair. The similarity to vulgar slang for male genitalia is too obvious to be accidental.

Notice how all these new right-wing insults reek with macho bluster about the incredible manly manhood of the bully employing them. They protest way too much.

But one thing is certain. No matter how much Clarke parrots the language and ideology of white supremacists who proclaim their adoration for him, he’ll never qualify for admittance into their racist “whites-only” paradise.


Would white supremacists, neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan pose the same threat they do now if a mainstream Republican were president instead of Donald Trump?

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