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Short Orders

Jul. 21, 2008
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Short Orders
Fiendish Food

One of my favorite Mexican foods is camarones a la diabla—the devil’s shrimp. In theory means shrimp in a fiendishly spicy red pepper sauce, but even in Mexico the level of spicing varies considerably. A simple beachside restaurant at Zihuatanejo served camarones lived up to this fiery reputation. But another restaurant I visited in Mexico City served shrimp that, although jumbo-sized, was without any spiciness at all. Milwaukee is equally mixed, with some places that prepare this dish very well. For the utmost in spiciness try Tres Magueyes, a modest restaurant located at 2423 S. Sixth St., within sight of St. Josaphat’s Basilica. Seafood is a specialty and prices are low. For the camarones a la diabla, the sauce is a vivid red, thanks to the chiles, and the shrimp not overly large. Add sliced onions and mild green peppers and you have a flavorful if highly cafe experience.


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