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Jul. 21, 2008
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Controversial comedian Bill Maher, whose digs can strike the funny bone while hitting a nerve, wants to stimulate critical thinking through the gateway of humor. The fearless if not ruthless cynic, host of HBO’s Emmy-nominated series “Real Time,” will perform at the Riverside Theater on Thursday, July 24. We spoke with Maher by phone in early June, discussing politics, religion and the war on drugs. We began by probing about the rele vance of his profession.

“Too many people, especially the younger generation, don’t get their news from real sources but comedy shows, which is a little like reading the CliffsNotes instead of the actual book,” he says. “I guess it’s better than watching ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ At least you’re getting some information.”

Regarding the “dismal credibility and ratings” of the major media outlets, he continues, “there’s been a slow denigration of the quality of journalism because television is owned by big corporations that have to turn a profit.”

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