Weezer (“Red Album”) (DGC/Interscope)

Jul. 21, 2008
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Get ready to laugh, cry or do both the moment you hear Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo start rapping on the band’s third self-titled album. That he does so over a song filled with piano and choral-chanting bombast (no lie) suggests that Cuomo may have seriously lost his marbles. His hysterically loyal fan base is no doubt going to be in a mouth-frothing tizzy while debating the merits of this album online for years.

  But the fact is, the Red Album represents Cuomo’s most daring work to date. After confining the band to a creative straitjacket for far too long, Cuomo has finally loosened his grip, even stepping aside for his band mates to sing leads on select cuts. The RedAlbum’s out-there moments might sound embarrassing at first, but give them time. And when Weezer sticks to its trademark guitar-driven approach, the band’s energy level finally does justice to its plentiful hooks.


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