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Amy Winehouse Supper Club Offered an Epic Tribute to the Late Singer

Jul. 24, 2017
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Photo Credit: Mahdi Gransberry

Six years ago, Amy Winehouse’s tragic passing shocked music fans around all corners of the globe. Winehouse’s struggles with addiction were no secret—her biggest song was called “Rehab”—and yet, her premature demise still seemed to come out of nowhere. Since then, the soulful singer has been mythologized and idolized by audiences young and old. Over the weekend, Milwaukee-based record label VoodooHoney organized a tribute to the late singer called “Amy Winehouse Supper Club,” jam-packed with Milwaukee artists covering many ends of the musical spectrum. 

Friday’s nearly three-hour performance at Company Brewing featured all of Winehouse’s most popular songs, as well as deeper cuts and covers. Three separate sets gave the night’s performers more than a few opportunities to wow audiences with their unique interpretations of Winehouse’s defining tracks. Company Brewing isn’t one of the most comfortable live music venues in Milwaukee, but it is probably the most elegant place to watch a cheap show. The venue’s glitz and glamor mirrored the performers and Winehouse’s catalog perfectly, and the night had a very swanky feel to it from the start. 

The first set was easily the mellowest, loaded with low-key tracks that encouraged the audience members to find their groove. Lotus Frank’s stripped-down, soulful performance of “You Know I’m No Good” was a refreshing take on a Winehouse pop classic. Sugar Ransom slowed things down even more with “Take the Box” from Winehouse’s debut LP, Frank.

Many of the show’s most memorable performances were during the second set. The night’s highlight was easily Yasmeen Daniel’s beautiful rendition of “Wake Up Alone.” The understated Daniel and her backup singers had the entire audience in awe, and her insanely impressive vocal chops received the attention they so obviously deserve. New Age Narcissism diva Siren delivered a second standout performance, covering “Tears Dry On Their Own” with passion that would make Winehouse proud herself. Though she can sometimes be overshadowed by her NAN counterparts, Siren’s formidable performance highlighted her larger-than-life range and unique vocal stylings.

The night’s final set brought some Milwaukee big names up to Company Brewing’s small stage. Abby Jeanne’s take on “Me and Mr. Jones” wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for the singer, but it further proved that she can consistently deliver performances dripping in soulful swagger.

“I love Amy Winehouse, and I’m very in her spirit…’cause I’m fucked up,” laughed Lex Allen before diving into “Love Is a Losing Game.” Though he admitted to being very shy about covering the track, his tender performance was yet another one of the night’s most fantastic tributes. Klassik closed the show with “Rehab” and had the entire crowd chanting those iconic “No, no, nos." It was a bittersweet ending to a nearly flawless show.

Even though the two-night event was planned around the anniversary of Winehouse’s death, the mood overall was very light-hearted and joyful. It was obvious the performers were enjoying themselves as they reinterpreted Winehouse’s already timeless catalog. Instead of mourning her passing, the show was a celebration of her life and influence, bringing together a large group of Milwaukee’s most renowned musicians to honor Winehouse with their talents. Hopefully, Milwaukee will see more multi-musician exhibitions like this one in the future. It was a total win-win for both the performers and the audience. 


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