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Novelist Benjamin Percy's Digital Dystopian Nightmare

Aug. 8, 2017
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People have been writing penultimate tales of good and evil for centuries, so it is no surprise that modern-day novelists use subgenres like cyberpunk and techno-noir to imagine a near future filled with digital nightmares. In The Dark Net, comic-book writer Benjamin Percy (the “Green Arrow” and “Teen Titan” series) transforms Portland, Ore., into a virtually ravaged society on the verge of imminent invasion by a violent horde of demons who are gathering strength in the elusive and secretive dark net, the anonymous outer reaches of the internet that many associate with criminal enterprise and unsavory characters. The ragtag crew that comes together to duel with this ancient evil includes a blind 12-year-old whose visionary technology equips her with superhuman abilities; an overworked, luddite-prone journalist; and a redemptive social worker. 

By combining horror and science fiction, Percy’s eclectic cast of characters unite in a spooky, fast-paced fight to preserve humanity and digital content alike. The gruesome and eerily familiar world they uncover will thrill readers with its imaginative science and tech-savvy perceptions. In The Dark Net, Percy has merged beautiful narrative fiction with frighteningly surreal imagery to create a smart and edgy near future with enough resemblance to today’s society to give us all pause.

Percy is a graduate of Brown University and Southern Illinois University, and he has taught creative writing courses at UW-Stevens Point and Marquette University. The Dark Net is his fourth novel. Percy will discuss the book at Boswell Book Co. at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 10.


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