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Film Clips: Aug. 24, 2017

Aug. 22, 2017
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Birth of the Dragon (Rated: PG-13)

Forty-four years after the death of 33-year-old Bruce Lee, the fighter’s legend still resonates. This film purports to chronicle Lee’s rise to fame in San Francisco during the early 1960s. In order to prove himself a true master, Lee sought an epic and still controversial showdown with Kung Fu master Wong Jack Man. Considering the complexity of Lee’s evolution, this rivalry presents a narrow focus. Lee excelled in several fight disciplines, ultimately connecting his style with his unique philosophy. The film presents interesting fight choreography, but it would be gratifying to meet the man behind the movie star.


Leap! (Rated: PG-)

British orphan Felicie (voice of Elle Fanning) aspires to become a great ballerina. Accompanied by best friend Victor (Dane DeHaan), Felicie journeys to France where she gains entrance to a top ballet academy. The new girl squares off against spoiled Camille (Maddie Ziegler), hoping to best Camille and win the lead role in The Nutcracker. Originally made in France featuring a French voice cast, the Weinstein Company subbed American voices for the film’s release in the states. Though well received in Europe, critics lament that contemporary dress and music are slipped into Leap!’s 19th-century setting.


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