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Fermentation: Putting the Finishing Touches on a Batch of MobCraft Beer

Sep. 11, 2017
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Henry Schwartz, founder and CEO of MobCraft, walks through the final steps of the brewing process as we conclude our virtual brewery tour of MobCraft Beer.

After fermentation, the brewers add many of the unique ingredients MobCraft beer is known for: raspberries, pineapple, chocolate and more. In this video, Schwartz talks more about fermentation and also leads us all the way through packaging and distributing the beer.

As Schwartz explains, adding yeast into the wart after the boil starts the fermentation process. The yeast converts the sugars from the mash into CO2 and alcohol.

In order to keep consistency across batches, the brewers continuously monitor the sugar level of the wort before fermentation with a hydrometer. Once fermentation is done, the beer is moved to the brite tank for carbonation. Again, for consistency, the brewers monitor the carbonation level with a Zahm Nagel CO2 tester in order to get it dialed in "just right."

MobCraft beer is packaged in three primary ways: kegs, cans and bottles. Along with the self-distribution the brewery does to local bars and liquor stores, they have distribution partners to get the beer to retailers across the state of Wisconsin and the United States.

The MobCraft taproom is open seven days a week. There are 25 taps and several beers available for purchase to-go. Stop by to give them a try and stay tuned to ShepherdExpress.com/MobCraft for more updates.

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The concludes our in-depth look at the Walker’s Point brewery and taproom. Our goal with this series was to provide a behind the scenes look at everything from their brewing process, packaging, special events and, of course, the crowd sourcing approach to turning your ideas into beer.

The Brewery Series is brought to you by MobCraft Beer.


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