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The Trusty Knife and Crappy Dracula @ 7 Mile Fair

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jul. 29, 2008
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  Shoppers paying the $1.50 entrance fee to 7 Mile Fair were unknowingly paying admission to a concert at an unlikely venue for two local bands, The Trusty Knife and Crappy Dracula. The Trusty Knife has created a local buzz with their unique indie rock, while Crappy Dracula is known for their strange sense of humor and has often been compared to the Dead Milkmen and Flipper. The bands set up under a small makeshift stage in an outdoor stretch between the two main buildings of the fair.

  The show idea started as bar talk between the two bands and quickly escalated.

  Besides some fans that caravanned with the band, fairgoers stopped to take in the sounds in between perusing knickknacks, old lawnmowers, parakeets, Scarface memorabilia and other assorted junk.

  The bands, which originally planned to set up at 11 a.m., arrived at 1:30 p.m. and played for a couple hours. At least one band member says the tardiness was due to a late night at the Cactus Club the previous night, where both bands had played sets.

  In addition to their usual set lists, both bands played an ode to 7 Mile Fair. Crappy Dracula reworked lyrics to one of their songs in tribute, and The Trusty Knife performed a lounge-like ballad for the thrifty shoppers at the flea market.

  “If you’re in love with value/ then I’m in love with you/ you better set up a table/ at 7 Mile Fair,” singer Zack Pieper crooned, reaching out lovingly to the small but enthusiastic crowd.

  Dug Belan, bassist and singer for Crappy Dracula, said the reception from 7 Mile Fair management was great and that both bands hope to return to the event someday.

Footage of this show is available at www.youtube.com/user/dugglesworth.


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