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Matthew Haeffel

Toaster Fires

Jul. 29, 2008
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Groove-oriented, improvisational-minded folk rock with a smattering of world music flavors is Milwaukee musician Matthew Haeffel's stock in trade. Haeffel and his percussionist, Cody "C-Note" Calderon, must be fans of Dave Matthews and Rusted Root. One may still hope that Haeffel cracks a few more smiles in his goodly number of live gigs than he does on his fifth CD, Toaster Fires; the abundance of musical and lyrical earnestness could stand to be leavened by a few grins. The title and opening Homer Simpson snippet only serve to contrast Haeffel's seriousness. But if you don't mind a jam band-ready acoustic picker/singer in that heavy a mindset, Haeffel is your man.


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