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Clean Sweep’s Fake Democrats Make the Ballot

Reynolds attempts to undermine the election

Jul. 30, 2008
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Former state Sen. Tom Reynolds, an ultra-conservative religious Republican from West Allis who lost his seat in 2006, is trying to get back into politics by undermining the Democratic primary on Sept. 9.

Reynolds formed a political action committee (PAC) called Clean Sweep Wisconsin, which is running “anti-incumbent” candidates on a clearly conservative platform: privatizing health care and education, capping all taxes so the government can’t invest in the public good and preventing Wisconsin from “being an illegal alien state.” These are hardly the issues held dear by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Reynolds is targeting Milwaukee Democrats he’d like to replace with newcomers who’d likely follow his lead. According to campaign finance reports filed with the state’s Government Accountability Board, Reynolds’ PAC contributed to eight candidates in the Democratic primary on June 30:

  • Samantha Bady, running for Barbara Toles’ 17th Assembly District seat, received $75;
  • David D. King, challenging Leon Young in the 16th Assembly District, received $75;
  • Deon Price, up against Jason Fields in the 11th Assembly District, received $81.07, but was knocked off the ballot;
  • Nicholas Cosey, running for the 6th Senate District seat held by Spencer Coggs, received $81.07 from Clean Sweep but didn’t make it to the ballot;
  • Charisha Allen, running against Annette (Polly) Williams in the 10th Assembly District, received $75;
  • Josh Hoisington, taking on Tony Staskunas in the 15th Assembly District, received $75;
  • Jose Guzman, challenging Pedro Colon in the 8th Assembly District, received $80; and
  • Phil Landowski, running against Christine Sinicki in the 20th Assembly District, received $75. None of these candidates appears on Clean Sweep Wisconsin’s Web site.

Reynolds Gets Paid, Makes Questionable Friends

While these contributions may seem modest, Clean Sweep Wisconsin has been spending plenty of money. According to its latest campaign finance report, it spent $6,540 this year, has $144 cash on hand and is $474.83 in debt. Much of that money went to Reynolds. He was reimbursed $1,711.93 for travel expenses, a considerable sum when you consider that his candidates are all within Milwaukee and that Reynolds lives in West Allis. Reynolds’ printing business, Endeavor Press, received $1,281.99 from his PAC for printing services.

The Clean Sweep Wisconsin PAC also spent money on avowed foes of the Democratic Party, an interesting strategy for a PAC that’s helping candidates in the Democratic primary.

The PAC spent $20 for attendance at the 7th District GOP in Antigo, $15 for attendance at a Republican Party of Milwaukee County event, $20 for seminar expenses for a CRG Network Foundation event and $20 for seminar expenses at a Constitution Party of Wisconsin event in Whitewater.

Never heard of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin? Its platform, posted on its Web site, begins: “The Constitution Party of Wisconsin gratefully acknowledges the blessing of the Lord God as Creator, Preserver, and Ruler of the Universe and of this Nation. It recognizes Jesus Christ as transcendent King over all nations and hereby appeals to Him for aid, comfort, guidance and the protection of His Divine Providence as we work to restore and preserve this nation as a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Sounds like a party more in line with Reynolds’ ultra-religious philosophy, not the Democratic Party’s platform.

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