Tonight @ the Turner Hall Ballroom - 8 p.m.

Jul. 31, 2008
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Haling from Sao Paolo, and sounding like a self-aware, electro-chic version of Avril Lavigne with a playfully dry sense of humor, CSS seemingly survived the pitfalls of a cutesy beginning in iPod Touch commercials. The band has recently released their second album, the critically perplexing Donkey, which showcases a notably more somber, yet equally retro collection of valley-pop nostalgia and modern hip. Tonight the group shares a consciously trendy 8 p.m. bill at the Turner Hall Ballroom with The Go! Team, one of the first and best of the modern indie-rock bands to chant, cheer and pep-rally their way through their records and concerts, and Matt & Kim, a duo whose simple drum-and-keyboard songs lend themselves to killer remixes, like Mano’s “It’s a Fact” remix, which lit up dance clubs earlier this year.


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