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Gin Blossoms

Tonight @ the Wisconsin State Fair - 7 p.m.

Aug. 6, 2008
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…And they’re back for some more. Tonight the Gin Blossoms return to Milwaukee for the second time in a month to play the Cousins Subs Amphitheater at the Wisconsin State Fair at 7 p.m. At their July Summerfest performance, the Gin Blossoms announced that they came to “kick ass and chew bubblegum—and we’re all out of bubblegum.” Of course, they mustered up plenty of bubblegum regardless, but the subdued alternative-pop group did also manage one genuinely, ass-kicking rock-’n’-roll move: Their bassist, apparently inebriated, passed out during the show. The image of an unfazed roadie filling in while the bassist’s collapsed body lay near an amplifier was comical enough for TMZ to pick up the story, but hopefully the joke has run it’s course. Light as they may be, Gin Blossoms’ good-intentioned songs about bad luck and bad relationships are smarter and more pointed than they’re often given credit for. The band deserves better than to be dismissed as just another ’90s punch line.


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