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Short Orders (Milwaukee Brat House)

Brats on Third

Aug. 6, 2008
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Since Old World Third Street has long been home to Usinger’s, the city’s premier source of sausages, you may wonder why the Milwaukee Brat House (1013 N. Old World Third St.) didn’t open years ago. Instead, it debuted this summer, just across the street from Usinger’s. The Brat House is a bar at heart—and a nice one, at that. Occasional accents of stained glass complement the dark woodwork, and historic photos of Milwaukee cover the walls. The small kitchen can be viewed through windows. The menu is simple, featuring three sausages, a chicken sandwich, a burger and a cheese plate. You can choose from a bratwurst, Polish or Italian sausage—all of which go well with beer. There are a few outdoor tables along the street and additional seating on a deck to the west. Old World charm thrives here. 

The Brat House | Photo by Kate Engbring


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