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“Flesh. Metal. Ink."

Today @ the Walkers Point Center for the Arts

Aug. 11, 2008
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If the human body is a canvas, then tattooing and piercing deserves the status of art. Fittingly, then, human canvases and body art are the focus of a new exhibition called “Flesh. Metal. Ink,” now on display at the Walkers Point Center for the Arts. Curated by Gene Evans of Milwaukee’s Luckystar Studio, the exhibit features 12 artists revealing their visions of this art form through 30 pieces in a variety of media. Individuality expresses itself through Chris Anderson’s pierced pure-white sculpture titled Katlina es Muy Picante. Artistically rendered tattoos by Nikki McGuiness appear in two photographic triptychs, Pain Equals Life and Nude Studies of Self, as well as the singular print Lollypops and Knee Socks. And Adam Werther, of Milwaukee’s well-known tattoo studio and art space Adambomb Gallerie, brings a fine-art context to body art by displaying a number of complicating drawings he has used for tattooing.


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