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Short Orders (Ethiopian Cottage)

Out of Africa

Aug. 13, 2008
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While recent months saw the closing of the African Hut, with its West African menu, two East African restaurants opened during the past year. Both are Ethiopian. The better of the two is the Ethiopian Cottage (1824 N. Farwell Ave.). The Cottage has a few tables just large enough to accommodate the injera, a round spongy flatbread with a slightly tart fla vor. The entree is placed on top of it. It’s also your eating utensil. Tear off a piece and dig in. The best items to order are the doro wat or key wat. The first is chicken; the second is comprised of boneless pieces of beef. They’re cooked with berebere, a spicy paste with rich overtones of hot pepper. On weekdays lunches are just $5.50 with a choice of four meat items and seven vegetarian. It’s best to go with a group so that you may sample several items at one visit. Yes, forks and knives are available, too.

Ethiopian Cottage | Photo by Kate Engbring


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