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The Handsome Furs

Tonight @ the Rave - 8 p.m.

Aug. 16, 2008
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Plague Park, the 2007 debut album of Montreal’s husband-and-wife duo Handsome Furs, whipped up a heady mix of heavy-handed Western Gothic tinged with subtle traces of electronica. Singer Dan Boeckner’s voice waivers somewhere between the flatness of Beck to the frantic nervousness of 16 Horsepower’s David Eugene Edwards, which lends an epic quality to their already grand, bell-tolling melodies. After a U.S. excursion was aborted earlier this year due to a Visa snafu, the duo is looking to do good by their burgeoning American fan base with a limited tour of the Midwest in preparation for their forthcoming sophomore entry, Face Control, so tonight they do an 8 p.m. show at the Rave.


The U.S. Supreme Court announced that it will hear the case to determine if Wisconsin Republicans’ redistricting maps are too partisan. Do you believe the U.S. Supreme Court will order Wisconsin to redraw our legislative maps so the majority of legislative districts are competitive and voters will actually have a real choice between a Democrat and Republican?

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