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Laura L. Manrique

State Assembly 8th District Candidate

Aug. 25, 2008
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Occupation: Licensed Practical Nurse

Membership in the Democratic Party: Yes. Although lifelong Democratic, I have paid my membership for 2 years.

  Who has endorsed you?

  I have not sought out endorsements

  Why are you running for the state Assembly?

  We have an absentee State Representative. While Rep. Colon worked full-time at various law firms over the years, his staff was left running the office; Colon was elected to represent the 8th Assembly district. In addition Rep. Colon sat on numerous committees i.e. M.A.T.C and MMSD. While on the M.A.T.C. board, Rep. Colon's attendance was shoddy. While on the M.M.S.D. board, Rep. Colon was paid an additional $10,000 per year.

  What are your qualifications?


  Milwaukee Area Technical College (M.A.T.C.), Milwaukee WI. Graduated June 1995, Licensed Practical Nurse to practice in the State of Wisconsin.

1/2002-Present: Opposition researcher as related to community issues and candidates

12/2003: Certified as a CPR, First Aid and Deliberator Instructor

2004-2007: Follow-up education/ 95 CEU's in Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA)/Mental Illness field

8/2007-Present: Marquette University/Northwestern University Community Transformation Project

Operating Philosophy for Community Transformation- Building community through relationships and networks.

Volunteer work has consisted of relationship building across the State of Wisconsin addressing holistically, progressive positive community change.

Volunteer /Professional Affiliations in chronological order:

1992-Present: Yearly Walk A Thons to raise money and scholarships for the MLK Scholarship fund in Milwaukee, Wi, Milwaukee Outreach Center in Wisconsin

1/2002-Present: Working on GOTV during election time

4/1992-Present: Hephatha Lutheran Church Member, Milwaukee, WI

4/1992-Present: Participatant with family/other youth to raise money for summer youth to be able to have school clothes and supplies.

4/1992-Present: Participatant with family/other youth to raise money for the Dr. MLK scholarship fund, which helps individuals with money for college.

4/2002-Present: Grassroots community organizer/activist/advocate in Wisconsin, addressing social justice issues with a coalition of allies

4/2002- Present: (WISDOM/MICAH) Milwaukee Inner City Alliance for Hope Member

11/2002-Present: Wisdom/MICAH Treatment Instead of Prison Strategy Chairwoman

11/2002-Present: Hephatha Lutheran Church MICAH core team member

4/1993-2005: Hephatha Lutheran Church Council Member 6 years, Milwaukee, WI

5/2003-Present: MICAH AODA Committee Member

Fall of 2003-Present: Education for the People Coalition Member

10/4/2003-Hike For Hunger Walk

12/2003-Present: CPR, First Aid and Deliberator Instructor

5/2004: Rebuilding Milwaukee sponsored by Potawatomi Bingo, Working with Milwaukee County Supervisor Willie Johnson and State Rep. Leon Young

Summer of 2004: WE Energies Advocacy Panel with State Rep. Johnny Morris Tatum

Summer of 2004: Promoted the Second Harvest Summer Hunger Program

4/2004: Presented to the Greater Milwaukee Synod of the Lutheran Church (ELCA) Assembly, a resolution to support Treatment Alternatives of which was accepted in its entirety.

7/ 2004: Present: UW Milwaukee AOC Advocacy Committee Member

9/04-2005: Working with Drug Policy Alliance Advocating for Treatment Alternatives and Diversion

1/2005-Present: WISER Choice Governors Executive Committee Member

1/2005-3/2007: WISER Choice Faith Based Advisory Council Member

4/2005: WISER CHOICE Recovery Support Coordinator application reviewer

8/15/05-8/21/05: Gamaliel Foundation Grassroots Interfaith, Interracial, Multi-issue Organization Training

11/2005-Present: Esperanza Unida Board of Directors Member12/16/05: 1st visit to speak before the Sentencing Commission supporting Treatment and Diversion legislation

4/06-Present: (WAAODA) Wisconsin Association Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Member

4/06: Poverty Forum speaker with Congresswomen Moore, Senator John Edwards and Mayor Tom Barrett

4/06-4/07: (AFRA) Alliance for Recovery on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Member

4/14/07: Holocaust and Healing-Globalization and the Prison Industry Panelist

2/2006-Present: Esperanza Unida Board of Directors Vice-President

1/06-Present: Governor's (OJA) Office of Justice Assistance (TAD) Treatment and Diversion Advisory Member

1/06: 2nd visit to speak before the Sentencing Commission supporting Treatment and Diversion legislation

1/27/06: Speaker on Globalization and New Urbanism at UWM

8/06-Present: NAACP Milwaukee Branch Member

9/2006: Hunger Task Force speaker

2/27/07: Speaker before M.A.T.C. board, in support of Esperanza Unida's unique welding program. Requesting approval of a partnership/expansion of services, to provide economic development in an oppressed area-serving individual from all over Milwaukee County

3/07-Present: Member of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Alliance of Black School Educators

4/27/07: 3rd visit to speak before the Sentencing Commission supporting Treatment and Diversion legislation

10/2007-Present: Esperanza Unida Board of Directors President

11/2007-Present: Guns, Grief and Grace in America Steering Committee

11/16/07-Present: Effective Strategies for Criminal Justice Committee Member

11/30/07-12/1/07: The White House Project-Vote, Run, Lead Political Leadership Training

1/15/08-Present: Brides Walk committee

1/25/08-1/26/08: Emily's List Training

4/10/08: The White House Project-Go Lead Training

6/08-Present: Good Jobs and Livable Neighborhoods Coalition Participant

  What are the biggest challenges facing your district?

   Immigration, education, crime and economics.

   How will you ensure that Milwaukee has adequate state aid at the same time the state has a large structural budget deficit?

   Working closely with Milwaukee legislators and developing partnerships with law-makers outside of Milwaukee.

  It is important for me to ensure that Milwaukee gets its fair share of state funding. In doing, I will establish close working relations with other lawmakers. The working partnerships I will build will be built on common-ground needs and free of antagonisms. I will reach out to legislators in order to develop efforts based on building alliances designed to move Wisconsin forward by making Milwaukee stronger, and a better generator of revenue for partners outside of Milwaukee.

  How will you spur job growth in the Milwaukee area?

  By supporting creative initiatives like the one being developed at Esperanza Unida. Initiatives that bring international promise for import and export job-creating opportunities.

Do you support a comprehensive health care plan like Healthy Wisconsin?

  Yes. The average family in Wisconsin is struggling to make ends meet. The high cost of medical care causes many families from being unable to pay for health care. A comprehensive health care plan like Healthy Wisconsin is the right thing to do for Wisconsin families.

   Should private insurers be required to cover autism spectrum disorders and comprehensive mental health treatment?


   Do you believe that the Milwaukee School Choice Program is a success? Why? Should it be expanded to other parts of the county or state? Should it be eliminated? Do you want to change the way the program is funded?

  The Choice Program has shown itself to be just another experiment unable to break the bi-products of poverty. Our educational system has pockets of unique educational needs for the various populations of our state. Poor communities need more resources than rich districts. This is a matter of fact. Anyone thinking that the Milwaukee School Choice Program is the panacea to ridding our community of poverty is living in a pipe dream. The key is to continue to support our public schools and direct the resources to the children and not to special interest(s) efforts and over priced consultants.

  Do you support a statewide smoking ban that includes bars and restaurants?


  Do you believe that the state should ease its restrictions on building more nuclear power plants?


   Should children of illegal immigrants who graduated from a Wisconsin high school be able to pay in-state tuition at a state college?


   If Roe v. Wade were overturned by the Supreme Court, would you vote to allow a woman the right to choose an abortion?


  Would you vote to allow Milwaukee County to raise the sales tax one cent to provide property tax relief and pay for transit, parks and the arts?

  Why not create a county-wide lottery to help in the relief of property taxes? I support direct line item funding for transit. One cent for the parks and the arts is small prices to pay to preserve our heritage and maintain of status as an outstanding County with great parks. Having great parks helps bring visitors to our area, visitors who spend money in our economy.


Are you upset by the way the NFL and the team owners have treated Colin Kaepernick?

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