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It's wrong for the state to tell me I can't carry a concealed we

Ed Sendele

Aug. 25, 2008
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I would like to give my $0.02. I would have to say I am a fan of a well
written and executed concealed carry law. I feel it is wrong of the state
to  tell me that my wife and I are unable to carry any type of defensive

In todays climate, it is naive to believe there are no deadly
weapons in the hands of criminals in the city or in our schools. The
criminals feel they have a need for them and will have them handy if
needed. A well written concealed carry law would allow well trained and
responsible citizens the ability to act in a number of situation if needed
to protect themselves as well as others from dangerous situations. In most
states that have concealed carry, the regulations to receive a permit to
carry are so strict that being able to carry a gun is a privilege. These
citizens have a history of being good law abiding people with good values
and judgement. The argument that says more guns will cause more violence
is absurd. If you would like to meet some firearm advocates I would invite
you to an IDPA match or or any other gun club in the area. These club
members are from all blue and white collar positions across the state and
could have the ability save someones life in the future.

Thank you for the time to read this.



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