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Honoring Robert Donat

Tonight @ The Charles Allis Art Museum - 7:30 PM

Jan. 2, 2008
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The Charles Allis Art Museum kicks off a series of films honoring British actor Robert Donat tonight with a 7:30 screening of 1934's The Count of Monte Cristo, one of Donat's few major starring roles. Because Donat was perpetually ill for much of his career, he was constantly turning down prime roles in Alfred Hitchcock films and in studio swashbucklers (many of which went instead to Errol Flynn), but in this early adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' romantic adventure, Donat had a chance to display his wry, British
wit and leading-man charisma.


Rolling back Barack Obama’s reforms, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has directed federal prosecutors to seek the harshest sentences for drug offenses. Is it bad policy to fill the prison system with nonviolent offenders?

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