Down Lo

Tonight @ the Mirimar Theatre - 9 p.m.

Sep. 10, 2008
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Historically, jam bands’ attempts at rap have been, well, awful. Just bloody awful—like, rapping old lady from The Wedding Singer awful. Even if these bands genuinely love hip-hop—and, to be sure, there are plenty that would rather send the genre up as a goofy novelty rather than pay tribute to it—they usually lack the anger and conviction (if not the simple lyrical prowess) required for a riveting rap performance. Perhaps aware of this pitfall, the Minneapolis’ jam/funk outfit Down Lo wisely outsourced some additional talent for their latest album, In Our World: Los Angeles rapper Deploi, a more passable emcee than most. Tonight Down Lo returns to Milwaukee for a 9 p.m. show at the Miramar Theatre, which promises to emphasis the group’s jazz, blues and rock influences, while nodding to their love of hip-hop.


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