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Short Orders (Fujiyama)

Sushi in Brookfield

Sep. 10, 2008
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Three years ago, Fujiyama opened in West Allis (2916 S. 108th St.). The strip-mall location offered two options for dining: a hibachi table (for a Benihana-style experience) or the dining room with a full menu and sushi bar. Fujiyama has now opened a second restaurant, this time in Brookfield (17395-D W. Bluemound Road, just west of Calhoun Road). This location isn’t as large, but it feels more elegant with a beautiful sushi bar made of dark wood. The menu is as comprehensive as the original, with a few items that are scarce at other local Japanese restaurants. One is hotategai, a nigiri sushi of raw scallop with a buttery texture. Then there is a tongue twister named usuzukuri. This is a plate of raw slices of fluke (fluke is a type of flounder) served over a bed of ponzu sauce. Each slice has a tiny dab of hot sauce, making for a unique Japanese dining experience. Beef negimaki is comfort food, a thin slice of meat wrapped around scallions and then broiled. With the addition of Fujiyama, the restaurant scene in Brookfield continues to improve.

Fujiyama | Photos by Kate Engbring


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