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Fear Before

Tonight @ the Rave - 6 p.m.

Sep. 16, 2008
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It’s unclear why anyone ever thought a band name as long and cumbersome as Fear Before the March of Flames was a good idea, but the Colorado metalcore band finally came to their senses this year, abbreviating their moniker to just Fear Before. The melodic group, which scored some major exposure on MTV2’s “Head Banger’s Ball” for their single “Should Have Stayed in the Shadows,” is playing tonight’s 6 p.m. show at the Rave in advance of their upcoming self-titled album, Fear Before, a record that Alternative Press has teased as one of the most anticipated of the year. The band is joined by an army of openers: Damiera, I Am The Ocean, Hail Archer and The Vanishing Art.


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