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Support Bay View High School

Penny Manke, South Milwaukee

Sep. 18, 2008
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   Bay View High School offers a variety of academic programs for students with diverse talents and interests

   The Math/Science Specialty is for the college bound. This 4-year curriculum offers advanced courses in Math and Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Ten Units of mathematics, science, and related fields are required to complete this course of study. The program is complimented by resources and tutoring centers, advanced placement courses, and intensive research work, as well as a partnership with MATC. Specialty students have participated in Science Under Sail voyages on the Denis Sullivan Schooner.

   The Law Specialty offers opportunities to learn about the legal system. Students take courses that focus on government, street law, business law, and the justice system. During their senior year, students visit the courthouse three times a week to watch actual cases and reflect on the experience.

   If you are interested in working with your hands, become a part of the Construction Specialty. Students are provided extensive training in carpentry, electric wiring, masonry, and architectural drafting. Graduates from this specialty are prepared for a variety of entry level employment opportunities. Graduates also may begin a formal apprenticeships or continue on with higher education. As 10th graders, students build rooms in a lab, doing the framing, windows, wiring and siding for a mock house. During their senior year, students receive on-site training for two hours per day at residential and commercial locations within the Bay View community.

   In the Arts Specialty, students participate in band, drum line, chorus and drama. Music students are exposed to numerous competitive and exibition events. For the visual artist, students can choose from Art Foundations, Cartooning, or Painting and Drawing. Student artwork is displayed prominently around the school as well as in a number of community locations. Art Night at Sven's, a local venue, provides a stage and spotlight for Bay View students. Creative writing and drama classes give students a chance to bring life to plays and the spoken word.

   In the Business Specialty, every class has a practical focus and can be applied to any course of study. Business students will experience a variety of unique experiences, including leadership and team-building programs such as Milwaukee Means Business Synergy conference. Bay View students compete for scholarships and prizes in the Career Development Conference, JA Business Challenge, as well as other competitive events.

   The Health Care Specialty field offers many career opportunities. Bay View is offerering a course of study that, when successfully completed, will allow a student to go into the workforce as either a certified nursing assistant or a pharmacy technicion. Courses will include class work that will translate into college credit towards a degree as registered nurse or pharmacist.

   Bay View has a full complement of sports to offer as well as over 25 clubs and organizations for students to join. Visit Bay View, and meet the new principal, Robin Kitzrow. See the improvements and feel the new attitude at the school.

  Thanks to over 300 GE Healthcare employees, Bay View staff, students and neighborhood residents, like Dan and Susan McDonell, who helped spruce up Bay View High School.

Penny Manke


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