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Meadowbrook Haunted Cornfield

Sep. 25-Nov. 1

Sep. 21, 2008
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The Haunted Night time Adventure On Friday and Saturday Nights is the most intense!

Enjoy a bonfire then do the Haunt.  With Live Actors, Fog, Specialty sound, action creatures and light effects; It is Geared for us Adults.

Not for the kiddies at heart..

This haunt takes 40-45 Minutes to complete. Fog and strobe lights are in use after dusk... Caution is recommended for those with Health conditions affected by intense strobe lights or fog use.....Its unlike any Haunted house.


2008 Haunted Cornfield will Begin Sept Sept 26th & 27th Ticket Sales Begin at 5 end at 10 pm. Oct 3-4, 11-12, 18-19, 25-26, Ticket sales will End at Midnight. Ticket sales end at 11 on Oct 31 and Nov 1. Located in West Bend at 2970 Mile View Road. Call 262-338-3649 or go to http://www.meadowbrookfun.com/contact.htm  for directions.


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