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Do the Math - Brewers Win

Ryan Braun and the Masters of the Universe

Oct. 1, 2008
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Math, numerology, stats, history.  Whatever you want to call it...there's proof that the Brewers are going all the way and that the Cubs will find a way to lose.

Way back in July the Shepherd's own Art Kumbalek and Frank Clines predicted that the Brewers would prevail based on numerology, or as Artie would call it "numberology."  In this article "It's a Lock Bye Gosh" they called for the Brew Crew to be where they are right now...poised to take the pennant.

Seems that the "Fairly Disinterested Observers" of all things important to sports (and therefore life) discovered that after the sweep of the Cards and right before a sweep by the dreaded northsiders the Brewers are favored by, of all things, MATH.  The numbers don't lie, baby.  As my wife's family likes to tell me, born and bred southsiders, the Cubs will find a way to lose. It's basic math.  I know it's somewhere in my fifth grader's math book.  The theorem of the Goat, or maybe that was just some Donovan song.

It's like being that guy that went to Michigan State and is a football fan at a basketball and hockey school.  He always roots for MSU and whomever is playing Michigan, but WHY couldn't Bret (the one in Madison) pull out that victory last Saturday? Anyway....you gotta root against the Cubs as much as you root for the Brewers tomorrow.

So, think about sugar plums, fairies, or whatever you want to on this playoff-eve, but please....do the math.

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