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Former Republican supports Brower for Assembly

Don Lawson, South Milwaukee

Oct. 6, 2008
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Today I found a flier on my door for Mark Honadel, who is the Republican candidate for State Assembly. The brochure says "An Independent Voice Working for You!"

Independent? Honadel's record shows he's in lockstep with the Republican leadership. A quick check on the internet reaffirms things that I've heard:

Mark Honadel twice voted to NOT require hospitals to provide emergency contraception to victims of rape. (ASA 1 Dec 2007, AB 377 January 2008)

Mark Honadel voted against a bill which would give women equal pay for equal work. (SB 165 2007)

Mark Honadel voted to not require that Wisconsin's state government have a balanced budget! (SB 40 2007)

These are the sorts of voting patterns that have driven me away from the Republican Party. Fortunately, this year, I can support a candidate who represents my views: Glen Brower.

Glen Brower supports balanced budgets. Brower supports fairness for women.

Glen Brower supports closing tax loopholes that allow large nation-wide corporations to pay zero Wisconsin income tax. Those tax loopholes act to increase the tax burden on small and medium sized manufacturing businesses here in Wisconsin.

For these reasons and many others, I'm supporting Glen Brower to represent South Milwaukee and Oak Creek in the State Assembly.

Don Lawson


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