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Milwaukee to Chicago by Bike

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Sep. 12, 2008
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Looking to save money on travel?  If you're up for some adventure and surprises, why not bike to Chicago and back again?

90 miles is the distance from downtown to downtown, but there's plenty to see in-between.  This is a great ride any time of year, but especially in the fall.  Below is a story written by John Greenfield of the New City Chicago publication that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Here's a great link to Wisconsin Bicycle Routes with lots of handy maps.

Reprinted in part from New City Chicago

The Long Walk
From Milwaukee to Chicago on two feet

John Greenfield

A Thursday evening in late June and I’m clutching a pint in the Exchequer Pub on Wabash, not drunk but completely trashed after walking a hundred miles in four days. Kirsten Grove, the Chicago Department of Transportation’s pedestrian program coordinator, and other CDOT staff who’ve met us there raise a toast to my trek. I smile weakly and thank them but I’m distracted by my aching back, sore legs and, especially, my throbbing feet.

I’ve bicycled from Chicago to Milwaukee a dozen or so times, including several trips during the dead of winter on the annual Frozen Snot Century ride. But lately I’ve been getting interested in walking as a form of travel that helps me take in more of my surroundings by slowing me down...

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