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Best of Milwaukee Finalist Announcement

Best of City Confidential 2008 Nominees

Oct. 14, 2008
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Voting has ended in the 18th Annual Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee and reader votes have been tallied. Where there are exact numerical ties we have listed those businesses.

Best of Milwaukee City Confidential Category Finalists (in no particular order) Are:


City Confidential:

Animal Rescue Group

  • No Kill Resuce
  • Companion Animal Resource and Adoption
  • Wisc. Humane Society

Criminal Defense

  • Alex Flynn
  • Mike Hupy
  • Frank Gimbel

Divorce (TIE)

  • Bob Roth
  • Bonnie Abramoff
  • Bruce Peckerman
  • Hupy

Personal Injury

  • Habush
  • Gruber
  • Hupy

Local Activist

  • Molly Rose Mahoney
  • Cream City Collectives
  • Project Q

Local Character

  • Phyllis @ Discovery World
  • John McGivern
  • Jane the Phoole

Local Entrepreneur

  • Juanita Cordova
  • Ward Fowler
  • Aaron Kopec of the Alchemist Theatre

Milwaukee Alderperson

  • Bob Donovan
  • Nic Kovak
  • Tony Zielinski

County Supervisor

  • Gerry Broderick
  • Luigi Schmidt
  • Marina Dimitrijevic


  • The Alchemist Theatre
  • The Oriental Theater
  • Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukeean of the Year

  • Tom Barrett
  • Aaron Kopec
  • Mark Attanasio

Most Beloved Politician

  • Herb Kohl
  • Scott Walker
  • Russ Feingold

Most Beloved Public Official

  • Tom Barrett
  • Russ Feingold
  • Scott Walker

State Legislator

  • Sheldon Wasserman
  • Lena Taylor
  • Tim Carpenter


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