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Compelling Reasons to Vote in Southside Races

Elizabeth Abert, South Milwaukee

Oct. 16, 2008
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Voters in the 21st Assembly District (South Milwaukee, Oak Creek and two wards of Milwaukee) will have a chance on November 4th to select someone other than incumbent Mark Honadel. In my view, Representative Honadel has failed to take into account the interests of his constituents.

In February this year, he voted against the HOPE property tax exemption which would have closed corporate tax loopholes resulting in a $600 savings to homeowners annually.

Mark Honadel also supported cuts of $100 million to Shared Revenue and Community Aids. These cuts would have made it difficult for communities to pay for vital services such as Fire and Police.
Glen Brower, candidate for 21st Assembly District, is dedicated to creating a tax structure in which businesses and individuals share tax burdens fairly. Glen has committed to closing tax loopholes which some corporations currently exploit.

Two years ago Mark Honadel told me he opposed the Great Lakes Compact, although Oak Creek, South Milwaukee and 85% of Wisconsin residents supported it. Did he represent the concerns of his constituents? Glen Brower, however, is committed to the long-term health and preservation of the Great Lakes.

I consider these compelling reasons to vote Brower on November 4th.

Elizabeth Abert


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