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Mark Honadel is not paying attention

Don Wescher

Oct. 20, 2008
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Residents of the South Shore, in areas like South Milwaukee and Oak Creek, have suffered too long under the unhelpful "leadership" of incumbent Representative Mark Honadel. Our current legislator has made choices, which have clearly been against the interests of his constituents.

Access to affordable Health Care is of prime importance to Wisconsin's citizens. Yet Mark Honadel co-authored an initiative that would amend our State's Constitution in a way that prohibits any reform of our Health Care system

Our employers struggle to provide Health Care coverage for their employees, and yet last February Mark Honadel opposed creating a Health Care pool that would have reduced insurance costs for Wisconsin business.

Mark Honadel is obviously not paying any attention to his constituents.

Although I am not well versed about the specifics of the health care policies of challenger Glen Brower, I do know that he would support something similar to the Healthy Wisconsin plan and that he is committed to supporting bipartisan legislation that employs multiple strategies to provide access to high quality, affordable Health Care. As citizens and voters we should accept nothing else, and as a retired nurse myself, I believe that we can do better than what we have now.

Don Wescher


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