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McCain & Republican Party Disgust

Vivian Creekmore, Milton

Oct. 22, 2008
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   I am disgusted by the type of campaign that Senator McCain and the Republican Party are running. Speeches by Mr. McCain and Governor Palin are creating fear and inciting hatred and violence against Mr. Obama. People in the Republican crowds have responded by calling Senator Obama "A terrorist," and have shouted "Kill him!" and "Off with his head." "Joe the Plumber" was a Republican plant and his story is a lie. Mr. McCain has lied repeatedly about Mr. Obama's tax plans in order to scare us. There are still those that believe the Republican propaganda that Mr. Obama is a Muslim: He is not and never has been a Muslim-ask Colin Powell if you don't believe me. The Republicans want us to be fearful and suspicious of Mr. Obama. The McCain campaign is using "robo calls" to accuse Senator Obama of supporting infanticide. This is a lie. McCain is trying to make us afraid of Senator Obama. The McCain campaign continues to accuse Senator Obama of "palling around with terrorists." This is a lie. They are counting on you and me to be ignorant of the facts and to be terrified. Even the accusations against ACORN about voter fraud are inaccurate and meant to scare us and to divide us. We ought to be scared: of large corporations running our governent, of "Borrow and Spend Republicans," of the kind of "Voting fraud" that can swing an entire presidential election, of dying from lack of health care because we don't have insurance, of continuing financial catastrophe because of deregulation and lack of over-sight, of governmental spying on innocent citizens and... Senator McCain and Mrs. Palin are a disgrace to conservatives and are running the sleaziest campaign that I have ever seen. How could we trust them in the White House? Vote early and vote for Senator Obama.

Vivian Creekmore, Milton , WI


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