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State Senate Endorsements

Sheldon Wasserman and Robert Wirch

Oct. 29, 2008
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Sheldon Wasserman for State Senate

Sheldon Wasserman is the best choice for North Shore residents. Wasserman, an ob-gyn who has served in the state Assembly since 1994, is well positioned to become a leader in the state Senate on tax policy, health care and education reform. Although some Republican voters may hesitate to cross party lines and vote for a Democrat, Wasserman’s record as a fiscal conservative and social libertarian should allay any doubts. Wasserman is a pragmatic and thoughtful problem-solver who doesn’t look to the government for the solution to every problem. His philosophy of government perfectly fits this suburban district.

Wasserman is a much better choice than the incumbent, Sen. Alberta Darling, who is a nice person but has lost her way in Madison. True, it’s difficult to be a moderate Republican when the entire party has shifted to the right, but Darling’s constituents would have appreciated a more independent representative in the state Senate. Darling has supported some of the Republican Party’s most divisive, shortsighted policies; those actions may have benefited her personal political ambitions, but not the families and workers in her home district.

North Shore voters would be better served by Wasserman, who is more aligned with the values and goals of this community.

Robert Wirch Has Earned Another Term in the State Senate

State Sen. Robert Wirch, a Democrat, achieved a rare bipartisan victory in the last legislative session. Wirch, who represents Kenosha County and a part of Racine County, was one of the driving forces behind the Compassionate Care for Rape Victims bill, which requires emergency rooms to dispense emergency contraceptives to rape victims if they request it. The bipartisan bill was finally passed by both houses of the state Legislature this year after many sessions of delays and much political posturing. While it may not be easy to stand up for women’s issues in a polarized Legislature, Wirch has shown that it can be done and should be done. For that act alone, Wirch deserves re-election.


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