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Nov. 3, 2008
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The title doesn't even begin to cover it.

The majority of the action taking place on a cemetery and farm, this film follows the activities of 6 ghosthunters, aged twenty-something. While working on a documentary about paranormal activity, the group happens upon an old farmhouse and gets the idea that it'd add something to their movie to interview the residents. Enter creepy killer guy.

Brutal, the brainchild of Milwaukeean Nuna Minch, tells the story in such a way that the perspective of each character (minus the creepy killer guy) is given. Shot with a high-definition camera, the film is "dirtied up" to make it look like it was made in the '70s. This full-length flick was filmed using many different camera angles and ranges from wide to tight shots, which really keeps things interesting.

Brutal's strongest points are its characters. No one in the movie is a professional, most of the dialogue was unscripted. It is certainly a bit gory in some parts, with an over-abundance of blood, but the really horrifying parts are implied by the film and must be filled in by your imagination.

The soundtrack was done by the director, some of it on his own and some of it with his band, Nuna.


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