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Bob Schneider

Sunday @ Shank Hall - 8 p.m.

Nov. 9, 2008
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Fittingly enough for a one-time Dave Matthews opening act, singer-songwriter Bob Schneider has a tendency to genre-hop. Carefree early discs found him careening from reggae-tinged jam rock, to silly hip-hop-inflected folk, to classic rock and lovelorn ballads, but since his 2006 album The Californian, the Austin, Texas, troubadour has tightened his sound, restricting himself mostly to direct roots-rock. Since The Californian, Schneider has paid tribute to his rollicking live shows with 2006’s Greatest Hits Live and has continued to treat fans with small-scale, independent releases.


Rolling back Barack Obama’s reforms, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has directed federal prosecutors to seek the harshest sentences for drug offenses. Is it bad policy to fill the prison system with nonviolent offenders?

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